Our Story

In 1988, Advantage Marketing Services, Inc. (AMS) was born when it solved a mailing challenge for a local company that is still a client today.

We grew as we focused on being client-oriented—more interested in meeting your needs and solving your problems than ours. Over the years, as you asked us to add the production and management of mailing projects to the mailings we do, we have stayed true to our original commitment to provide the easy-to-work with and down-to-earth feel of a great small company.

During the last two decades, the huge growth of internet communication options, while mailing postage skyrocketed, created a “perfect business storm” for mailers. The result—an increasing commoditization of mailing services that resulted in a survival struggle in our industry. We were no exception. In fact, we almost didn’t make it.

And yet we have survived. How? Basically, by a process of observing and listening intently to our clients, coupled to an introspective business process to discover hidden strengths and opportunities for providing compelling value. As a result, AMS today prides itself on having evolved successfully into “the hybrid marketing company™”—on the one hand, a provider of mailing services; on the other hand, a provider of core marketing services that drive sales.

The breadth of experience that comes from surviving 20 years in “a commoditized industry,” has enabled us to evolve into a company that can give outstanding small company service with big company results.

What does that mean? It means that while we still excel at producing and managing your mailing projects, today, we can help you so much more. Because we have done it for ourselves, we can now use our innovative and creative muscle to work on your core marketing problems.